". . ., but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words. Romans 8:26

I invite you to explore and reflect on the ways that we become more aware of how we can interact with God. I will discuss ways that we can become more sensitive and aware of God's presence in our daily life.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Sometimes it may be difficult to begin praying to God. You may find that the words do not come or that you are not certain what words to use. You may feel that you need to talk to God in the way that we talk to God during prayers in a worship service.

Do not worry. One of the best things that I have found is to think about prayer as having a conversation with God. You can talk to God the same way that you talk to any one of your friends. I am sure that God even understands text-speak!

Prayer does not need to be conducted in formal church language. As Paul mentions in his letter to the Romans, sometimes we may not be able to express ourselves with words. Paul tells us that the Holy Spirit will help us communicate to God with our sighs. (Romans 8:26) With that kind of help we do not need to worry about the words that we use.

I have found it helpful to make a list of people and things that I want to talk to God about. I add to it during the day and look at it before my time of prayer. I do not hesitate to look at my list while I am praying to God. This means that I do not worry about forgetting anything and I can be more relaxed during my time of prayer.

It is also helpful to remember that God is God. I sometimes have problems with names. If a name slips my mind, I do not need to worry because God knows who I want to pray about. God listens and responds to a situation even if I slip up with a name.

The important step is to have the conversation with God in the first place.

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Take the time and talk to God.

Pastor Michael

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